Allow yourself to have your own interior space, let's combine your ideas with my passion and my skills.

I am here for you and for your desire to change your environment whether it is a house, a cabin, a truck, a container, or any other kind of dwelling.
I will adapt myself to your daily life in order to define with you the INTERIOR space which will look like you.

a personalised space that will give you a boost of energy!

        - SOFTNESS, QUIETNESS, CONCENTRATION, ecology, sustainable materials, the trick that links "economy" to "luxury" that suits you, such as defining a reading area adapted to adequate lighting, so you avoid turning on all the lights.

        I accompany you throughout your project and I establish with you a line of creation and objectives that we will concretize through 2 files.

            The first step will be the development of a "you" booklet

        The inhabitants of your property, gathering your desires, your wildest desires, while respecting the singular personality of each of the inhabitants.
"LUXURY AND COMFORT" we target the living areas (reading area for example) of the inhabitants (including animals) in order to optimise the time spent in these areas.

        -I draw your projects in the form of elevation or perspective plans, by hand in black and white, then in colour and in 3D to enable you to visualise your project as closelyas possible to the future realisation

            "Let's get into the details of how to decorate each room in your home.

         a "mood board", it is a board of atmosphere for each part. An atmosphere of different colours, objects and materials chosen to meet your expectations of the evolution of the rooms. Materials are defined according to the use of the rooms, including the light which has a VERY important ROLE and gives the final atmosphere of a room.


I work actively with you to define the feasibility of your project within the framework of the study. You will find solutions and ideas for your living space.

              "An overview of you, notes, your space à la carte, the one that suits you with your storage, your furniture (that we readapt if necessary) your materials your colours your emotions your desires "

2 complete notebooks

The two notebooks are designed to help you find your way through the different stages of the work and the organisation of the "planning-craftsmen" who intervene at different but precise times during the course of the work. Details of the notebooks link to Design creation

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